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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
I confess, I'm skeptical of the new five bladed razor. I keep flashing back to that comedy bit about the 16 bladed razor that sliced the face off right down to the bone. I wince when I buy Mach3 refills for Benno. I just don't know if people will pay $3 a cartridge. There has to be a price point of hesitation. Even some of the wealthiest people I know will hesitate to pay a premium price on something without a premium experience. I just don't know if 5 blades will be deemed premium worthy.

But... I don't shave everyday. If I'm willing to emulate the french I don't have to shave at all. Women really are the secondary razor market. Yet, I know that the Gillete Venus really was a wonderful new product, so much so that I did indeed tell friends and pass on that invaluable word of mouth. So, I'll hold my skepticism and see what the manly half says about it.

This is a fascinating history of the
razor. Some of it I knew. Other things I was unfamiliar with.

posted by Rachel 10/11/2005
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