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Friday, December 02, 2005
Plan for an
18 month blizzard. Ok then.

posted by Rachel 12/02/2005
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Here's what he
said. Translation: We're about to have another depression and these idiots in Washington are going to do the same damn things they tried 70+ years ago and they're gonna make it lots worse.

Scenario: Cracks have appeared in the Hoover damn. Congress folk have barricaded a picnic table in front of one of the cracks. You mutter to yourself, 'Those idiots. That's not going to work and they're going to get killed.' You look away.

When you look back you see that they're chiseling a huge chunk of concrete out of the foot of the dam. "What the hell are you doing? Get away from there you morons!" you shout. They chatter back that they've realized that there's a small chance that the picnic table may fail to hold back the floodwaters and so they're going to build a warning signal tower up top. You realize it's a testament to civilization and a miracle that these people have survived to adulthood. They're like toddlers with powertools let loose in the bowels of a nuclear submarine.

I propose that we introduce a fitness exam for all our reps. Like a cross between the concepts of survivor and faking it. If a senator can survive alone in the wilderness for a week, convincingly run a small business, and do both without handlers or a tantrum/breakdown, then they're the kind of rep I want. If they can't do those things, why the hell do we trust them with the levers of power for the whole country?

posted by Rachel 12/02/2005
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