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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
commence freak out.

posted by Rachel 4/19/2006
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This pretty much explains up my opinion on
illegal immigration. It's very much in line with the South Park goo-back episode. I applaud people who are willing to endure hardship and work hard to make a better life for themselves and their families. I have no beef with any individual immigrant. But...

The reason that Mexico is the hellhole that it is can be directly attributed to the fact that the US has bled off 12 million of the people who could be working hard to improve Mexico. We've always been a brain drain to the rest of the world. That's a good thing for us. For Mexico we've become something like a vampire.

Mexico has the material and cultural resources to be something approaching a first world country. (Can we say oil?) But as long as the people of Mexico continue to vote with their feet instead of real ballots it's going to stay a shithole. (If you object to my terminology, I invite you to drink the water. There is NO reason for the sewage and sanitation systems to be the disgrace that they are.)

The other option is to simply annex Mexico. I suspect that it will happen one day, but I have no idea what it would take to enable it. We'd have to work out the language thing, (look at Canada.) Then we'd have pyramids!

I'd support a wall at the border. Simply because we have the RIGHT to know who is entering our country. People violating the law and entering the country without our knowledge or consent is a problem. That's why Mexico considers illegal immigration to Mexico a felony. It's obvious that the current situation isn't working. If 12 million people want to come here and we have 12 million jobs for them then why the hell not let them in? But I want to know who they are.

Another overlooked aspect of the debate is the fact that illegal immigrants present a de facto second-class work force. Because they're illegal they have no rights and thus no room to complain. (I can see why they're pissed off but there is a great deal of irony in half a million illegal immigrants marching to demand a right to anything from the US government. Layers and layers of irony.) Yes, they work really hard. Because if they don't keep their employer happy they can lose their job and their pay without any recourse. Both sides know that there are dozens of other immigrants willing to do whatever to get the job. Illegal immigration creates a system of exploitation. And people bitch about the way Walmart treats employees...

Regardless of any other immigration issue, the INS needs a high colonic. La migra and their jaw-dropping ineptitude are to blame for much of this mess. You think the DMV is bad. You think the DHS is bad. The INS aren't accountable to anyone who matters, so they get and keep the stupidest and meanest of the civil servants.

(Don't get me wrong. I love Mexico. I met my husband in Mexico. I'd love to buy an old hacienda in the Yucatan and be a snowbird. But as of right now, Mexico is FUBAR. They need a political revolution, but all the revolutionaries are washing dishes and reshingling roofs in El Norte.)

posted by Rachel 4/19/2006
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