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Saturday, June 17, 2006
I've been chewing on thoughts of everything X and Y. I've got some things to say on the subjects of: gender-roles, gay marriage, hetero marriage, history, technology and anthropology. (Oh, and any other related issue my lint-roller of a mind comes across.) First though, we've got to address the elephant in the room of all sexual relations. This is an extremely difficult topic because no one really wants to sit and think about it.

On the subject of rape:

DenBeste commented about the unique way rape is treated as a crime.
Someone else commented on why that is.
Here's the most recent example.
This article describes what it's like to live in a rape culture.
This discusses it.
This discusses the reaction.
This discusses sexual ethics in a way that is often sorely neglected by parents and sex ed.
This lady plans to do something about it.

This writer is very angry. She's been a victim several times. I don't agree with every nuance, but it's essential to contemplate. (No, I don't agree with the pornography opinion.)

Yes, those, "You poke it, you own it," Man Law commercials ARE sexist. In the very same series of commercials, the guys are sitting around discussing how long you have to wait before dating a friend's ex. I'm not one of those people who worry about the patriarchy-perpetuating misogyny underlying all of mainstream culture, but I had to point out the subtext of those stupid Miller Light ads to my (not a sexist,) husband. (That same husband can tell you that I'm actually quicker to note the anti-male sexism in ads and sitcoms than he is.)

posted by Rachel 6/17/2006
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