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Monday, October 09, 2006
Hmm. Well, I've already gone through several annual federal background checks to be permitted to do my work. I've already got an FBI file. If I was gonna end up on the no-fly/ blacklist, I'd probably already be there. So I'll do my part to put some basic information out in the public sphere. (Where it already exists, which is my whole point.)

The older you get, and the more you learn and experience, the more you realize that: We're ALL (parents, teachers, bosses, scientists, doctors, senators, supremes, presidents,) just making-it-up-as-we-go-along, (grow/age/learn/advance,) and therefore: There are no hard and Fast absolute rules, only imprecise human-made guidelines to help systematically-achieve certain objectives. Laws versus If/Then statements. Or: 'The only rule is- there Are no rules.'

So let me break it down for ya:

On the War on [some] Drugs:

Schedule I:
(A) The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse.
(B)The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.
(C) There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision.

No prescriptions may be written for Schedule I substances, and such substances are subject to production quotas by the DEA.

• GHB “dietary supplements” (except for
Xyrem which is pure GHB packaged by a pharmaceutical company, FDA approved for narcoleptics and PTSD sufferers.)

• MDMA (except when its developed as an FDA approved psychotherapeutic drug, and prescribed for PTSD.)

• Cannabis- read anything containing THC ([except for Marinol which is pure THC,] for cancer and AIDS patients)

• Cocaine ([except when it’s packaged as a liquid for topical anaesthesia,] for surgery/dentistry)

• Hallucinogens- Peyote/Mescaline/Magic-Mushrooms/LSD ([oh, except for peyote] for religious uses by sovereinNative Americans.)

• Heroin (oh, except for morphine and codine which are an [Schedule II/legitimate] intermediate chemical step in the production of heroin from: the raw-from-the [also-banned, even though it grows from sea-to-shining-sea, from mexico-to-canada, europe-to-asia, wild-in-a-ditch;] poppy opium/sap.)

Analogues and precursors to Schedule I substances are tightly-controlled, (as well as frequently being naturally-occurring chemical-neurotransmitters.) To be effective as drugs they must be similar to our own neurotransmitters, or fall into existing chemical families of drugs! Duh!

Schedule II:
(A) The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse.
(B) The drug or other substance has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States or a currently accepted medical use with severe restrictions.
(C) Abuse of the drug or other substances may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence

• Opium/Morphine/Oxycodone/Percodan- powerful narcotic painkillers (except for how the Oxycontin is stronger than Heroin and just as addictive, while heroin has been used very successfully for clinical pain-management.)

• Cocaine, (packaged for use as a topical anesthetic.)

Ritalin, (which has the same chemical action on the brain as cocaine/amphetamines and is used to treat hyperactivity and narcolepsy.)

• Amphetamines, (or what-fighter-pilots-take-to-stay-awake/ the brewed-from-Sudafed “speed” part of “hillbilly-heroin” or “Meth" The active ingredient in sudaphed is ehedrine. Which is derived from the Ma Huang or Ephedra plant {which also grows anywhere} and is used for asthma and allergies in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.)

Schedule III:
(A) The drug or other substance has a potential for abuse less than the drugs or other substances in schedules I and II.
(B) The drug or other substance has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.
(C) Abuse of the drug or other substance may lead to moderate or low physical dependence or high psychological dependence.

• Xyrem (pure GHB, the active ingredient in liquid Ecstasy)

• Marinol (pure THC, the active ingredient in Pot.)

Prohibition is an artificial duality imposed on: reasons for, and types of, drug-use. It is motivated by a paternal/authoritarian, spartanistic/ puritanical, governmental/ philosophical, aversion to: The Universal-Epicurean philosophical-approach, to life.

("Puritanism is the universal fear that someone somewhere is having fun/wasting time." versus “Eat, drink & be merry, for tomorrow we die.”) If Prozac made you feel good instead of just relatively-better, it’d be a banned club-drug instead of being handed out like candy.

[see also: development history from laudanum to opium to morphine to heroin to oxycontin. And from Valium/”Mother’s little Helper”, to Xanax and Rohypnol/”Rufies”; to Quaaludes and Ambien.]

Why have people consistently used drugs throughout recorded history?
• As medicine: to relieve suffering, improve function, or manage-illness.
• As recreation: to get drunk, high, stoned, or trip. (Cats-catnip? Bueller? Bueller?)
• Or, to commune with the gods: for hallucinogenic/symbolic/religious use.

Anyone who studies the history of alcohol-prohibition/ marijuana-prohibition, and the FDA or the DEA, should see the futility of the war on drugs. Drugs come into and go out of acceptance as our understandings evolve. [See: the history of MDMA/ "Adam" and GHB as psychotherapeutic agents and the scheduling history of Ecstasy (both kinds,) and Xyrem. They simultaneously occupy two categories (I&III).] Marinol -pure THC- has been moved from Schedule I to II, and in 1999 to III. All the while, the source plant -which grows in ditches- has remained on Schedule I.

The history of technological innovation and pharmaceutical chemistry makes the FDA, the ATF, the FBI, and the DEA, look like bumbling incompetent fools. They’re not. They’re powerful agencies of a centralized government bureaucracy, that is regulated by: Politicians, (who are bumbling ignorant incompetent fools/,) who are answerable to (risk-averse soccer-moms, and pharmaceutical-company-shareholding mutual/retirement-fund-investors as-) their constituents; all of whom are swayed by (profit-driven, patent-driven,) pharmaceutical-marketing and innovation; and none of whom are educated enough (in pharmaceutical history or organic chemistry,) to spot the con.

The rules/categories do not match the rationales provided. The motivation/effect is not harm-reduction. Harm-reduction is the obvious and desired political solution to the risks involved in behavior that WE engage in (like condoms in schools and teenaged sex.) Prohibition & Punishment are the obvious and desired political solution to the risks that THEY engage in. (The "War on Drugs," & "Just say No")

[see: Jim-Crow gun-control laws, and white-christian-middle-class alcohol consumption and the temperence movement. & prohibition and doctor-prescriptions "for medicinal purposes" [& subsequent repeal due to widespread opposition and rejection by voters,] & The prohibition of marijuana or, ["Reefer Madness" & smoking by: Mexican Migrant Workers.] AND the fact that cannabis and opium have grown in the gardens at Monticello and Mt. Vernon, to this day.

The motivation/effect is paternalistic centralized authoritarianism. "Law for thee, and not for Me." Regulatory agencies must have something to regulate. Bureaucracies must justify their power and funding. But none of them want to step on too many voters.

[see: history of alcohol prohibition, Al Capone v Elliot Ness & the "untouchables" & the FBI;
Also: drug-prohibition ala "Colombian Drug Lords"/"Barons of Industry"
and the history of the para-military-industrial law-enforcement ala the FDA, the ATF & DEA. AND the erosion of traditional/constitutional civil-liberties during the same historical periods. {We don't need more alphabet-soup legislation. We need common-sense regulation.}
PLUS the licit and popular, manufacture of: home-brewed beer, wine, liquors,
and the: reflux- distillation of ethyl and methyl alcohol (wood-alcohol) for ethanol/biodiesel homebrew/local/sustainable/micro- fuel production, {read: distilling moonshine from corn, or "meth"/Natural Gas from cow shit, and BURNING AS FUEL} use,
but DRINKING your own unlicensed grain-alcohol/moonshine is forbidden/illicit/Enforced by the 'revenuers'.
Or: the futility of the enforcement of a undemocratic law against widespread civil-disobedience in rural/frontier areas, (Mexican Brick Weed, Crystal Meth and Hillbilly Heroin.]

Logical eh? Fair eh? It reminds me of the comedian’s bit about: pot, heroin, and cocaine being banned because, they’re cheapest and best produced in foreign countries, by poor brown peoples; while equally dangerous/powerful/chemically-simple expensive, botanical/synthetic-chemical preparations, {in the form of pharmaceutical-drugs,} can be endlessly-patented and marketed/refined, by Wealthy Western White-men. (Which I suspect is very true, though as an incidental side-effect of the constituencies of our rulers and the plant-based nature of our oldest and most powerful drugs; rather than active, racist, profit-driven, conspiracy.)

Categories that are not absolute, cannot serve as law. Law that is this inconsistent, is not law at all, it is regulation. And it is illogical from a practical chemical standpoint. The older a drug is, the more simple to produce and the more powerful it tends to be. (Witness: Afghani Poppies and the Global Heroin/Opium Trade & the Boxer Rebellion & the many Opium Wars; and the use of cinchona/Jesuit Bark {the botanical source of quinine,} in the treatment of Synthetic-Drug-Resistant {quinine family,} malaria, mold-derived {piss,} penicillin, and the use of herbal/botanical essential-oils {reflux distillation of leaves & stems,} to treat drug-resistant bacteria.)

Prohibition is the only thing that binds law-enforcement to pharmaceutical-regulation. Just as we have safe, effective, and affordable, mass-produced OTC and Prescription opiate medications. We could have brand-named [Camel or Newport] pot available in convenience stores. Also, pharmaceutical-grade, controlled-dose prescriptions for: situations that require very powerful drugs/ medical management of chronic pain/ the supervision of addicts. [or: the streets of Amsterdam are not running red with the blood of junkie-victims]

[see: Doctors, Rush Limbaugh & the DEA. Controlled/tapered/ramped-dosages versus Self-medication.

Also: methadone, {a controlled-opiate/ downer-that-doesn’t-make-you-feel-good, but-is-used-clinically-to-manage-pain, and-does-develop-more severe- physical-tolerance, and dependence, than Heroin;} and the use of valium {your basic controlled-downer,} to manage the violent physiological upswing of the DTs in an addict who's drying out. {the body gets so used-to the "heavy-bat" of a "downer" that it swings powerfully/wildly out-of -control, at first, when the moderating weight is removed.}

Or: the ideal of clinically-managed, tolerance & withdrawal from- necessarily available and medically useful, but with a high innate chemical-potential for tolerance & abuse- drugs.

which requires a: {'no, I'm not drunk, I'm-on-precription-medication' doctor's-note, for work and driving,} and is the most basic, oldest, most-effective mood-stabilizers for biPolar disorder/Manic-Depression, but can swing wildly in blood-concentration due to *altitude* [no, I am not kidding] and cause euphoria/intoxication/impaired-function.

[suicides and violent rampages among the already suicidally depressed]
*cough*Wellbutrin [anorexia, aneurism, and seizure]
[suicides and violent behavior among the already anxious and depressed]
grinding up and snorting tablets, buying other's prescriptions
*cough*Prescription Pain-Meds
athletes and celebreties who are wealthy, famous, and charismatic enough to doctor-shop across the country or around the world [see also: precription drugs from Canada and Mexico.]
*cough* Pause for irony.

Widespread disobedience of the law renders the rule-of-law futile. Anti-democratic laws are favored tools of totalitarianism because they allow for, and/or require: selective and/or discriminatory, enforcement of the law; rather than the ideal of universal adherence and/or enforcement. [see: racial-profiling, the TSA, traffic stops, incarceration rates of black male offenders for non-violent drug-related-crime, "Weeds" et al.]

People observe consequences of casual versus heavy-use, among their peers & older role-models, and learn to use responsibly. Witness: new “nothing will happen to you if you smoke pot, that’s the danger,” public-awareness ad strategy. [see also: generational patterns of alcoholism in generation that came of age before, during, and after, alcohol-prohibition] Harm-Reduction, safety-regulation, and public educational strategies have been empirically demonstrated to be more effective than prohibition and punishment, at reducing the adverse-effects of drug-use [tool use].

([See: rates of "social" cigarette smoking, heroin "chippers" and trends of Cigar & Pipe usage among the young.] Use goes in waves or trends; i.e. people witness the consequences of heavy/recreational-use and addiction in others, and learn to steer clear. [Monkey see: other monkey lose job/voicebox and teeth/lungs to “feel good”, watching-monkey no do.])

A better non-prohibitive regulation-system is:

Train doctors and pharmacists in herbal-medicine/phytopharmacology/ethnobotany along with traditional organic-chemistry and pharmacy. Train health care providers in holistic long-term Management of Chronic Illnesses/Pain & Physical-tolerance/Addiction, rather than allopathic treatment of temporary disease & disorder.

1. Controlled/ very-addictive/ dangerous-drugs:
Within a short-period of time, require greater amount/strength to get same effect.

• Morphine/Heroin/Opium/downers- pain, diarhea, sleep, inflammation, muscle-relaxants
• Crack/Cocaine/“Meth/speed” Amphetamines/uppers- ADD, Narcolepsy, anti-sleep for study and patrol.

2. Widely-available/ Legal/ “safe”-drugs
(Tolerance will develop with heavy [daily] use but otherwise develops slowly or not at all with frequent [twice a week] use. Even addicts can remain semi-functional. "Therapeutic/Recreational drugs.")

Available/ moderately-restricted drugs:
• Alcohol-downer
-Rubbing alcohol
-Moonshine stills (Ether and Nitrous Oxide are easily distilled [starting in the 1700's during chemisty's infancy], are our oldest anaesthetics, and are also huffed as club drugs [the propellant in whipped cream cans].)

• Tobacco-both upper & downer (hence use to: stay awake/wake up/sleep, supress-appetite/cocktail/post-parandial/post-coital etc.)
-Insecticidal preparations
-Agricultural plant

• Caffeine- upper
(Use as a Hogwarts-remedy for dementor-attack, intuitively rings true, because it [cocoa] is a traditional/ herbal remedy, for depression and anxiety [hot milk, another "comfort food" is an enzyme sleep-aid].)

[see: distinguishing sufficiently advanced technology from magic, Pepcid & Prilosec and the etymology of the word dyspeptic, and Viagra/Propecia v Quack medicine]

• Mass-marketed, Prescriptions & OTC drugs (for: all of the reasons people use drugs)
- pain killers (asprin, acetaminophin & ibuprophen, narcotics & muscle-relaxants, Valium & Oxycodone)
- anti-inflammatories & anti-histamines (ephedrine, amphetamine, diphenhydramine, loratadine)
- cough-suppressants & antidiarrheal medicines (dextromorphan hydrobromide, loperamide, [an opiate, by the way])
- Oxycontin & Ritalin (same-chemical-action and stronger-than heroin & cocaine.)

Traditional ethnobotanicals:
- Cannabis/Marijuana/Marinol (“controlled” but widely-available and, [as with alcohol and cigarettes,] scheming teenagers & complacent authorities find a way around prohibitions.) ["Soma" hashish & Assassins, Cannabis flowers & "hydroponic" production]

-Smoking/chewing Khat/Dagga leaves and flowers [of a common WEED] in Africa and the Middle East
[introduction to Minneapolis, by Sommali immigrants and subsequent KARE*11 News Extra/National Geographic/Discovery Times channel, uproar about the "dangerous new street-drug"]

-Chewing Coca leaves (cocaine is made just like stomping wine-grapes, {except the alkaloids are dissolved into acetone [or nail-polish-remover,] and the sharp-leaves cut-up the dirty-feet of the poor-farmers being supervised by the armed-drug-smugglers. Heroin requires equally basic chemical poppy preparation.} Remember the etymolgy of Coca-Cola. Freud and Sherlock Holmes were big fans of Cocaine, [the 7% solution,] Morphine & Self-medication.)

-Eating opium/Lotus [Egyptian Temple-Columns, the Odyssey,] throughout Europe Asia and the Mideast

-Tripping on "poison frogs" and "Diviner's Sage" in South America and [Morning Glory/Datura flowers/seeds, Mushrooms psilocybin & Cactus-flowers peyote in Central America.]

-Sleep aids (Chamomile, Valerian & Poppy leaf and flower teas; Simply Sleep, Trazadone, Valium, Xanax, Ambien, Lunesta, Opium, and Quaaludes.)

-Anti-depressants/anti-anxiety mood/neurochemistry regulators (Cannabis, St. John's Wort, Lithium, Amitrypteline, Wellbutrin, MDMA, GHB, Prozac, Sarafem, Paxil, and all of the newest generation of drugs.)

-Birth control (From Silphium [which the Romans harvested to extinction], to Pennyroyal and Queen Anne's Lace [used in TCM, -{but it's easy to poison yourself using them in a western wild-crafted manner so- benefit from modern pharmacology, and use:} OrthoTriCyclen.])
-Heart medication etc et al....

Publishing this is a calculated risk, because under totalitarian-prohibition knowledge is punished and restricted, rather than behavior. I could be accused of distributing a how-to manual for terrorism and drug-manufacture. Having read this and possession of certain seeds will make you guilty of "intent to commit a crime." We do not punish "intent to run a red light." Thought-crime is fundamentally illogical, inhuman, and undemocratic.

posted by Rachel 10/09/2006
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[see: vintage/'Old-House' construction versus 'Modern' new-construction & Termites, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Fire, Arsenic, Formaldehyde, Asbestos, Lead, drafts, energy-efficiency, design/architecture, durability, Ventilation and Mold. Convenience costs twice as much and lasts half as long, because it costs a little bit less time, more manpower, lower labor costs, and less in materials/craft. Or 3rd world mass production and disposable-plastic versus maintainable/serviceable durable metal Cars & appliances. Or: learning to do more of/with less & sell less of more.]

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[see also: "The {literally,}
Medieval, religious/philosophical notion that "Morally-significant, Rights-possessing, Human-being = Unique set of DNA." AND that: "the morally-correct approach is to: always leave the window open, to the butterfly-flapping storm-driven snowflakes, {of 'god's will,'} by taking no action to prevent formation & swirling-into-own-life, {-of same.} {+ the act of using condoms or diaphrams (a reliable, behavioral, physical-barrier)} or, fate/destiny/God's-Will/ Divine/Natural-Law and free-will or "God helps those who helps themselves"" Or: "Life begins at the moment/instant of conception, therefore: Emergency Contraception, IUDS, Pills, Shots, Rings, Patches, Surgeries, & the use of: films- foams- pessaries- & creams/herbal abortifacients {etymology: something that causes pregnancy to end/bleeding to start/induces "delayed-menstruation";} and the "induction of: miscarriage" {etymology: spontaneous/uncaused/natural/incidental- termination-of-a-pregnancy,} ARE: morally-equivalent to the-murder-of-a-full-term-infant," And the Consequential: humanistic, practical, and realistic; subsequent problems-with-daily-application-of-concept/moral-law.] Or: the burning of witches and wise/herb-women. Or: moral-rape by: The Patriarchy/The Inquisition/The Church/the State/ Abortion-protestors & Pro-Life-legislators.]

"Alaska's chief attractions are: (a) its small and insignificant human population, thanks to the miserable climate; and (b) its large and magnificent wildlife population, thanks to (a). Both of these attractions are being rapidly diminished, however, by (c) the Law of Growth and Space-Age Sleaze."
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"Art, science, philosophy, religion – each offers at best only a crude simplification of actual living experience."
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[see also: Freud v Skinner & Nietzsche v Mill]

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[see also: depression v mania & bipolar disorder, Euphoria/Dysphoria & PMDD & Clinical efficacy of Cognitive-Behavioral therapy v any family or individual drug.]

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"As war and government prove, insanity is the most contagious of diseases."
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[In society, as in government; structural checks and balances, help to regulate and mitigate periodic epidemics of: 'the-madness-of-crowds,' or 'mob-rule,' or 'genocide.'

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"You got to play a hundred and fifty games a year, so pick your spots. You can miss two games a month; so pick the days you're gonna be hurt, or you're gonna rest or you're gonna have a drink or two. The rest of the time, be on that field."
– Hank Aaron

“Evil exists in the world not to create despair but activity.” -T. Robert Malthus

“Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating the forces of evil...prayer, fasting, good works and so on. Up until Doom, no one seemed to have thought about the double-barrel shotgun.” -Terry Pratchett

[see also: The second-ammendment & the american ubiquity-of -fire-arms as tools, and differing cultural/British v American, evaluations as to the plausibility of: "28 Days Later"; or: "Why doesn't anyone in zombie/horror-movies, ever go get 'The-Shotgun'?"]

"Men of genius sometimes accomplish most when they work the least, for they are thinking out inventions and forming in their minds the perfect idea that they subsequently express with their hands." -Leonardo Da Vinci

[see also: what appears to be inefficiency to the uninitiated, is often very efficient, complex sequencing and pre-positioning. {Or: Why does everyone on a construction site spend so much time standing around waiting for cement-trucks?"/"Those buildings sprung-up like mushrooms!"} Or: 'How can the US possibly be the scientific and economic leader of the Free World, when we spend all our time watching democratically-elected leaders claiming aliens made them molest-children, sandwiched in between reruns of "Buffy" and "Who Wants to Be/Marry a Millionaire?"' & 'practice-swings' Or: "Einstein didn't speak until he was 3, was rejected from college upon his initial application, was fired from several early teaching-jobs, and worked as a menial Patent-Clerk for years; while he developed his Theory of Relativity."]

All Romance languages are descended from Latin. That means that the French for all their pretence of purity, and linguistic/cultural-chauvinism; are merely speaking: inbred, devolved, simplified, misspelled, mispronounced, mongrel-Latin. Not unlike: anglo-saxon old-english ala Chaucer, and early-modern english ala Shakespeare, and contemporary English ala Joss Whedon and the web.

Wow, I’m either writing:
-A political-manifesto,
-A unified religious/philosophical treatise,
-A conceptual sci-fi novel, or
-The new million-dollar business-model for the next few decades.
I’m not sure which.

posted by Rachel 10/09/2006
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