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Thursday, October 12, 2006
South Park rules hard just like The Incredibles. It's
philosophical or conceptual art. Most people don't grasp the underlying symbolic logic. [or: subversive Socratic education, see also: Robot Chicken, South Park, & Buffy]

posted by Rachel 10/12/2006
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Are you shitting me?!? This is the top news story??? See, this is why people think that white western europeans don't care about the suffering of poor brown people unless it affects our own profit or comfort. BECAUSE WE DON'T.

We will argue on the Front Page about the denial of past genocide while there's ACTUAL GENOCIDE GOING ON RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE. (Or we'll delay more than 100+ days, to FUCKING YEARS, arguing about how to put a stop to it, while our own Experts on the spot, beg for 5000+ men, to arrest the barbarism.) Instead of focusing Steve Irwin/SharkAttack/Tsunami/Katrina/Missing White Woman 9/11 scale news-coverage collective-action and debate: AT THE PROBLEM, until it gets STOPPED.

[see: early 20th century British, French, German, Dutch etc. Colonial-African history for some cultural reasons France & Germany teh SUK and why the French [the lingua Franca of:] Diplomacy/ the League of Nations/ & the UN will always be impotent. {Yugoslavia & bombing Kosovo}]

[See also: people tunneling under-barbed-wire, and walls/ guard-dogs/ and machine-guns; to escape "Socalist east germany." Paddling 90 miles across shark-infested-waters, on rafts made out of doors, tires, and styrofoam coolers, to escape the: "Workers Paradise of cuba" "crossing barren desert on foot in the dark," "smuggling themselves in shipping containers," to beg/claim-asylum/ a-new-life/ 'the-sweet-sweet-air-of-freedom' in the: "Capitalist-Pig-Dog-Great-Satan." Satelight photos of North Versus South Korea. The Nobel brain drain from europe to the US. And the human archetype of climbing any mountain, crossing any river, transversing any span, PER ASTRA AD ARDUA ET ASPERA, and exploration in general. Where there's a will/life there's a way.]

From Rwanda to Sudan. 20th century African History has clearly demonstrated that whether active or passive, Europe is indifferent to the plight of The Other. [Or, the freedom to say what people don't want to hear. The power of learning what you don't want to know. And the illogic of criticizing leadership for the: outcome-based, unilateral, exercise-of-power.]

[Witness: Church v Copernicus. 'Safe' v 'Unacceptable-risk.' Rachel Carson. Agricultural use of DDT v Raptors. Prohibition & 30 million dead African-children due to Malaria, while the {formerly endemic} disease was exterminated in the US {and featured in how-to-apply Disney WWII domestic-Propaganda,} before DDT was banned. Cocaine to treat Morphine addiction & Methadone to treat Heroin addiction. Van Gough Pica, Self-Mutilation, Suicide & Armed-Mental-Patients, and Absinthe-madness {or Thujone/Bitter Wormwood.} Sherlock Holmes, Sigmund Freud, "the 7% Solution" and "Crack Babies." "Confessions of an English Opium Eater" & Byron "Mad Bad & Dangerous to Know"]

'I'm reasonable- and you're not,'
'I want what everyone wants, you're not normal.'
'I'm basically good.' 'You're basically only after money and power, sex and food; any way you can get it.'
'The rules don't apply to me,í
'Law for me and Not for thee,í
'Do as I say not as I do.'
'I didnít inhale.'
'I want to be free, but you "aren't fit to be".'

[Charlie Sheen & Susan Sarandon, high-school-drop-outs, Immature-actors and 'teen-aged' souls. VERSUS 'Enlightened' Kwan Yin and Ho Chi Minh, old-souls. Sean Penn in a: white flak Jacket, A photographer and a bodyguard, in a 4-Man boat with an unplugged drain, and a shotgun {he does have a carry permit even though he's publically Pro-GunControl, has a history of driving-drunk, punching paparazi and marrying Madonna} to "altruistically offer Katrina Relief." The as US almost the only country that has EVER followed the letter or spirit of the geneva-convention rules. Guantanamo prisoners versus POW flags. Altruism/ Mananimity/ Sportsmanship/ Citizenship & Riflemanship; Or: 'Boy-Scoutism' 'Patriotism' and "Jack Ryan" VERSUS "Sleeping Giants" "Feuding Families" "Bread & Circuses" Republicanism and the-democratic-Pax of free-markets, "Reconstruction" "Lend-Lease" "The Arsenal of Democracy" et al.]

"Absinthe makes you crazy and criminal, provokes epilepsy and tuberculosis, and has killed thousands of French people. It makes a ferocious beast of man, a martyr of woman, and a degenerate of the infant, it disorganizes and ruins the family and menaces the future of the country." -Rhetoric from the Temperance Movement

Spontaneous quotes from high school:

"She is destined to go through life leaving behind her a trail of broken hearts and bad poetry."

"He managed to totally fry his brain on acid then went fanatical about Jesus."
"That tends to happen to a lot of people."

"So why does Paulus want absinthe? To: get addicted, eat paint, go nuts, and create art?"
"I believe his rationale was: 'Who wouldn't want absinthe?'"

posted by Rachel 10/12/2006
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