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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Why I voted for Bush both times:

I'll trust a: Texan, ex-businessman, former coke-head whose dad headed up the CIA; over a lawyer, an academic, or a Bostonian career-politician- any day of the week and twice on Sundays. And I'd do it again today. That's why we got petitions and oil-for-palaces UN sanctions implemented against Saddam's (poison-gas and papershredder,) Iraq; and Taliban (gender-apartheid terrorism,) Afghanistan under President Clinton.

...And we dropped the m*therf*ckin' US Marines and purple-fingered Constitutional Elections under Bush II. There's a time and a place for everything. If your theory isn't fitting reality, try a new one.

That's also why I'll do everything in my power to keep Hillary out of the White House. She's had a God/Mom complex since she was valedictorian of her college class. Did you see "Election?" Do you really want
Tracy Flick at the helm during a hurricane? The next Administration will have to be able to hack away the kudzu not plant more ivy. Dolores Umbridge = Diana Moon Glampers.

posted by Rachel 10/17/2006
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You want over-educated? I'll give you over-educated you hypocrites! You can't do that?! Watch me!

Green Dragon Tavern
The Free Masons
The Iroquois Confederacy
The Founding Fathers

The Myrtle of Venus and Bacchus's Vine OR: The Star Spangled Banner

Mwahaha what have I been telling you? We didn't need an anti-democratic punative "windfall tax." The market compensated for increased demand and decreased supply with increased exploration and technological advances.

I have not only seen it I have profited from it. It's not a "Republican Conspiracy," in advance of the election. It's the action of advanced capitalism. [see also: what did I tell you all the way back a few years ago when Alan Greenspan told you all to switch to adjustable mortgages because the party would last forever? He was feathering the pedals to keep us from stalling following 9-11. Real estate does not generally appreciate, it merely keeps pace with inflation. Much like gold. Because there are fixed/limited amounts.]

It is possible to time the market. But you'll be investigated by the SEC or congress if you do too well. Because it must be cheating, or magic. Dur. See also: Greenspan hung out and got drunk with Rand.

posted by Rachel 10/17/2006
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duuuh. That's their function. On the other hand, who wouldn't want a religious justification to assume the anonymity of the ninja some days. Got a big zit? Bad hair day? Not with a stylish black bag over your head. Yet he'd never get away with saying the same thing to habited nuns, or telling miniskirted teens to cover up.

On the third hand, the whole yellow stars marking a feared and distrusted minority religious group didn't work out so well last time. Standing out makes you a target for the stupid. How many American muslim women sat and thought real hard about it on 9-12-01? Duh!

posted by Rachel 10/17/2006
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Holy freaking crap dude!

posted by Rachel 10/17/2006
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Huh that's one I hadn't heard.

posted by Rachel 10/17/2006
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