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Friday, October 27, 2006
Oh hell yeah! Now this is a plant ban that I could get behind. Stop Cilantro Now!

posted by Rachel 10/27/2006
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Hmmm. I think managing to accomplish that
headline on that issue is probably a feat of Solomonic justice. Though it does make me want to roll my eyes a bit. This whole fight aside from the reflexive 'icky,' seems to be a squabble over labels.

What's important here, the right to have your wishes respected legally? Or the desire force everyone to say that your personal choices are hunky dory? 'Cause you're just never gonna get the latter. The whole joy of being human is looking down your nose at everyone else. Do we need to revisit the difference between tolerance and acceptance again?

Hetero folks are the majority. They think they own the marriage label. Husband + Wife = Marriage. It doesn't obviously translate to gay couples.

I know two lifetime committed women. They're just as real a matched set as myself and my husband. Yet I can't really call one the other's 'wife.' Are they both wives? Is one a husband? They're broad terms but they do communicate specific information about relationships in one word. There are reasons that we have different words for mother, father, brother, sister, etc.

Partner is imprecise and Civil Union is very lacking in romance. So let's come up with new words. Are we arguing about rights and equality or are we arguing about semantics here? I don't think anyone's seriously arguing against legally equivalent roles. (Or if they are they know that it's a losing proposition over the long-term.) Quit getting grandma up in arms by demanding the marriage label. Play on her sympathy by demanding equality in hospital visitation. Honey, vinegar...

(Update: newer link to story on same issue.)

posted by Rachel 10/27/2006
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Let me let you in on a
little secret. Russia, China, and Iran are allied at the opposite pole in terms of money and global influence. They are not neutral. They are not on our side. They are not proponents of or respectful of Human Rights. They are not negotiating in good faith at the UN.

North Korea is China's leashed pit bull. (See Wag the Dog?) They share a border, rail lines, and fuel lines. China could squash this crap in a second. (Remember Russia threatening to shut off the gas to the Ukraine?) Imagine Canada threatening to vaporize Europe and the US claiming that we couldn't do anything about it. Now imagine that Canada was smaller and poorer than Cuba and suffering from a decade of famine.

Now imagine that the US had a Tianenman Square type Human-Rights record. Now imagine that the US still trotted all the tourists and visitors past the preserved corpse of JFK. Now imagine that the US still taught in schools that Hitler or Stalin's ideas were 70% right and 30% wrong even though they led to tens of millions of innocent deaths.

Now imagine a financial system that's grown 10% each year for the past decade. Now imagine a financial system that is not independent and is controlled by the same one political Party that has controlled the government and the military since the 1950's. Now imagine that the banking system is corrupt, unaccountable, and has no FDIC. Now imagine the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games.

You think Bush has some secret gas price dial in the Oval Office? Bush is a lame duck and his congressional party allies haven't exactly been bright. Do you remember the Madrid train bombings? Is the idea of foreign economic attempts to influence an election so implausible to you?

Uh, remember Russia? Remember how Putin was the head of the KGB? Remember Nigeria? Remember Saudi Arabia (home of 15 of 19 hijackers, Osama himself, and fundamentalist misogynistic xenophobic assholes, the likes of which you couldn't find in the redneck deep south)? Remember Iran? Remember China?

We're very likely heading for a global recession or worse a deflationary depression. China's gonna be really pissed when their economy goes tits up. They'll either have a revolution or start WWIV. It'll suck beyond my abiliity to tell. We'll still come out on top. Keep your fingers crossed that it stays a low level cold proxy war rather than a direct hot war. Pray that China folds like the USSR.

(Update: functional link to Iran "Purge" story. Educational historical comparisons.)

posted by Rachel 10/27/2006
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While I doubt that I'd ever eat there, the idea of baking bread with a class IV laser just
tickles me.

posted by Rachel 10/27/2006
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