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Sunday, April 25, 2004
Via instapundit:
"Although the UN Security Council approved the plan to levy a 2.2 per cent commission on each oil-for-food transaction, the huge sums this reaped for the UN have never been fully accounted for.

A senior UN official who is closely involved in uncovering evidence of the scandal admitted: "The UN was not doing this work just for the good of Iraq.
Cash from Saddam's government was keeping the UN going for a few years.

"No one knows exactly what sums were involved because an audit has never been done. That is why they are wriggling and squirming now in New York."

Mr Hankes-Drielsma, a close associate of the controversial Iraqi finance minister Ahmed Chalabi, has played a pivotal role in bringing the scandal to light by challenging the United Nations with paperwork discovered in Baghdad files.

"What the UN did with these administration fees is a pointer to corruption on a scale never seen before," he said. "This programme was meant to be helping the Iraqi people, but was used by the UN for its own ends. There are so many different facets to this greatest scam in UN history."

The new line of inquiry comes after Paul Volcker, the former chairman of the US Federal Reserve, agreed to head the United Nations investigation. He announced last week that he was hiring a team of accountants, money-laundering specialists and lawyers to check thousands of contracts authorised by the UN.

The head of the oil-for-food programme, United Nations Deputy Secretary General Benon Sevan, is among those whose names have appeared on a list of 270 individuals, including one Briton, and companies who allegedly profited from a system in which Saddam granted them oil vouchers for personal gain in exchange for influence and co-operation. Mr Sevan has denied accusations of any wrongdoing."
I hope a lot of people who opposed the war are very very worried.

posted by Rachel 4/25/2004
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The fruits of the drug war. Goddamn motherfucking sonsabitches! Tax dollars were spent on this farce. Do you really think we're better off spending that money prosecuting a man for actions that harmed no one? I'd love to know what the ultimate price tag gets to be. This is stupid. This is wasteful. This is WRONG.

This is why every citizen needs to know about Jury Nullification. It's one of the most powerful weapons that we the people possess. We can refuse to enforce unjust laws by refusing to lend the credibility of our good names to an injustice. (It works based on the principle that you can't try someone for the same crime twice and that you can't punish jurors for the verdict, hence it will always be built into the structure of our justice system even if judges start LYING as we've seen.) The money to pay for this kind of travesty is taken out of your paycheck, your property taxes, etc. If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

posted by Rachel 4/25/2004
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I'm too tired to respond to

posted by Rachel 4/25/2004
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