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Saturday, August 07, 2004
Still alive...

As I expected, this summer features the same old themes in ever shriller, larger, and bolder font. I don't really have anything new to add to the discussion at this point. Every time I peek at news of the outside world, it reaffirms that this summer is all about sound and fury. I have other stuff to do.

We're hoping to get the house on the market this week or next. There's still some painting to be done. Have I mentioned how little I love painting? We're experiencing the classic 'now that we've got it all fixed up the way we want it, we're moving,' sentiment. Ah well.

Working on the design for the new house is really fun. I never actually thought that I'd be using geometry to build something. Good spatial orientation is a godsend. How often do you dig out a protractor for fun? The pythagorean theorem is my new best friend.

This is quite daunting but it's fun too. It's kind of magical to be able to build an air-castle and then pin it down on paper so that you could build it.

In the meanwhile I'm puzzling over how we managed to accumulate so much stuff. Van loads and van loads full of stuff and yet we've got just as much as we did before. Does it breed in the night or what?

So, still being a hermit. Progress is happening. I'll probably cave to the impulse to start swinging the clue-bat again sometime in September. Hopefully we'll be able to get DSL up north. Satellite broadband is expensive.

posted by Rachel 8/07/2004
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